Key Features

Key Features
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A key feature of CellPave HD is the unique channel cut-outs

1Enables 75% more product to be stacked on a pallet when compared to TruckPave 80

2Offset interlocked stacking ensures a very stable pallet for transportation

3Prevents stagnation inside the cell when a non-porous substrate is used for installation

4Aids inter-cell drainage and allows nutrients to pass between cells

5Promotes a much healthier root system that allows lateral root growth

6A double stacked, cross-bonded layout is also possible

CellPave HD pavers have been designed to be installed with both gravel and grassed infills

They are particularly suitable for incorporation into a SUDS compliant system and may even negate the need for water attenuation when installed on a suitable porous substrate.

CellPave HD is the perfect system for use on large scale civil engineering compound areas or contractor’s storage areas as they can easily be uplifted at the end of the contract and re-used if required.

CellPave HD can be installed for use with all forms of traffic including:

  • HGV and coach parking areas
  • Emergency vehicle and fire access routes
  • Highway verge reinforcement (particularly where HGV overrun can occur)
  • Fork lift loading areas